Top Tips for Selling on eBay Motors

Buying or selling a motor vehicle on eBay can present a unique set of complications and challenges that may be unfamiliar to the typical eBay trader. If you’ve decided that it’s time to try your hand at selling on eBay Motors, here are some quick tips to help you along.

1. Complete the eBay Motors Checklist
First, complete eBay’s checklist. Obviously it’s important that you supply accurate information to eBay.

2. Give Your Vehicle Some Love
Even if you’re not hoping to get much for the vehicle in question, spend half an hour to an hour getting a basic wash and cleaning out its insides. If you’re selling parts, clean them up and make them as presentable as possible.

3. Get the Picture
Take lots of photos, inside and out. Vehicles are high-value items that are extremely durable, that is to say that they cost a lot and buyers will typically use them for a long time. Take the best photos you’re able to take from multiple angles. Select the best and most representative photos for your listing.

4. Tie Up Legal Loose Ends
Ensure that you have a copy of the title and that the vehicle is free and clear of liens and other legal entanglements. If you’re selling a late model vehicle and selling it in running condition, ensure that registration and any applicable fees and taxes are current in your state to demonstrate to buyers that the vehicle is in good operating condition.

For most titled vehicle sales, documentation of the transfer of ownership is required. Usually, a letter simply stating buyer and seller will suffice. Such a letter must also usually give the make, model, year, color, and VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle in question. You should check with your local motor vehicles division for detailed requirements or sample documents, and be prepared before you list your vehicle for sale to co-sign such a document with your buyer, keeping one copy for your records and delivering the other copy to them.

5. Listing Your eBay Motors Item
Once all of your initial preparation has been completed, it’s time to actually post your listing on eBay Motors, whose link to the selling form can be found in the typical place for the eBay website: at the upper-right of any page under the word “Sell.” As you post your listing, keep the following in mind.

5. Watch Those Fees
The fee structure for listing items on eBay Motors is considerably different from the fee structure for regular items. See the table of fees for eBay Motors to find out how much it will cost to list your vehicle or item.

6. Be Clear About Aftermarket Parts or Changes
Since it can affect warranties or the value of a vehicle, note any aftermarket or third-party improvements or alterations that have been made to the vehicle. This could include rim sizes that have been changed to a remodeling of the interior. Note if possible the specific make/model/configuration of the alteration and the date of installation.

7. Remember Shipping Complications
In most cases, because vehicles and many vehicle parts are extremely bulky items, restriction to “pick up” or “drive away” transactions is in order. If you are willing to ship and/or deliver the vehicle or item in question, state so clearly and give limits, if any, to your delivery range.

If the item is available only on a “pick up” or “drive away” basis, state this clearly in your auction listing as well.

Selling a Car on eBay Motors
While the thought of selling a motor vehicle or major motor vehicle component remains a radical one for many, more and more cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles and their parts are sold on eBay every day. Keeping these tips in mind can help you to get started as an individual eBay Motors seller.


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